Wallet Gape

Put your money where MY mouth is. Your wallet is my tender prey!
Give Miss Pinky Galore your wallet…
Close your eyes and feel your heart race and your cash flow.
I’m blowing kisses to your wallet, causing it to ooze 🙂
I want you to splurge, I want you to overspend,
I want you to give me everything.

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Assertive, aggressive, alpha female seeks weak, meek, beta male moneyslaves.
You know what I want: Spoil me! Sacrifice for me!
Purge your paycheck and splurge on me!
I want you to ache for me, I want it to hurt you,
and even then, I’ll never be satisfied.
I know what you crave, what you hunger for, what keeps you up at night…
You desire a strong, controlling woman who taunts, tricks, and teases you
into giving her everything you’ve got.

Call me and see how my voice lubricates your brain.
Click here to send me $999 and you’ll never feel the same…
The urge to spoil me will come naturally to you.
The desire to shower me with gifts
will replace bad habits and selfish urges to only please yourself.

Call me, beg me to hurt you in ways that
only a high maintenance, greedy nymph can!
Go ahead, splurge!
I get turned on by money and gifts and your job is to keep me in a constant state of red hot financial arousal!

You WILL give me what I want.

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