Want some eye candy, little boy?

We’re taught not to accept candy from strangers, but it’s ok.. I won’t tell on you…I promise… it’s just between you and I… go on, take a peek and then take a taste.  Really, just one lil bite won’t kill you, I promise.  Just do it.  Open up that Pandora’s Valentine’s Day box of sweets~ you’ll see My super fuzzy angora sweater and cherry red heart necklace~ so soft, so innocent, so welcoming, yet so poisonous!  You just can’t help yourself.  You just can’t resist.  One peek and your natural born weakness for me grows and grows.  Tasting me makes you grow…. weaker and weaker… you are starting to feel sleepy, aren’t you? You want to curl your tiny self up into a ball and tuck yourself away in my cleavage, don’t you? I know you do… It’s ok, I won’t tell.  Snicker. You’re sinking. Snicker. Snicker. Oops! Where did you go? Lost into oblivion… but aren’t you so happy to be there? You love it.

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  1. Mouser

    As I read this posting, I find myself wondering how she can know me so well from so far away. How can her descriptions of the questions floating through my geriatric brain be so dead on correct? I’m afraid to contemplate the answer.

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