Wanted: Boy w/acne prone skin

I have an experiment I want to try out… slave w/bad skin needed.  No owned or UC boys allowed and you don’t have to want to be either of those things to participate, however, this will be about a 2 month long process.  You MUST have a digi cam or webcam.  You MUST be willing to become uglier than you already are. 


  1. bossytsbriana

    Thank you!
    For some reason it gave me a weird message when I tried to comment back on my page.. I just wanted to say thank you for taking your time to add me and give me advice. Also I’m super jealous.. SPAIN?!!!! I’ve been to Belize and it was incredible!!

    • misspinkygalore

      Re: Thank you!
      yea, barcelona was really gorgeous.. last year I went to southeast asia and I think next year I’ll do south america… I travel the U.S. as much as possible, but have been trying to do at least one major international jaunt yearly….never been to belize, but hear it’s stunning!

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