WANTED: Extreme Humiliation $lave(s)

     This position is not for the faint hearted or the weak minded~~ only Grade A pigs need apply.  If you know who I am or have read my journals, you should be pretty familiar with my tastes.  This slave will be expected to perform on cam and have the performances recorded~ if you need to keep your identity hidden, that’s fine, but that is the ONLY wish I will be granting you.
Not only will you be performing amusingly disgusting tasks for me, you’ll pay for the opportunity to do so.  This is a flat rate, non negotiable fee of $100 for each performance.  The fee may be remitted via  amazon gift certificate.  The fee will be paid in advance and is also considered a deposit for your appointment with me.  It is NON REFUNDABLE~ if you can’t make the date, or you puss out for whatever reason, too bad!!! I’m seriously tired of boys coming to me claiming that they will do anything I want and then not following through.  I’ve been around long enough now where you ought to realize that I’m not some mainstream girl who’s here for shits and giggles~~ I am a formally trained dominatrix~ I have very extreme and perverted taste and I’m not afraid to talk about it.
For the record, this is not an *owned* position.  At this time, I am not seeking to *own* any of you worthless shit-stains~~I don’t have time for that. 

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