warm and fuzzies

My petite mouche has been doing a great job lately of assuring that I’m always in a state of warm and fuzzies… in more ways than one. My cute cardigan collection is bursting at the seams and that poor little fly is bursting in his pants. He’s not seen a single pic of Me wearing any of them, yet. I’ve been torturing him with photos of Me either wearing anything but a sweater or if I happen to be wearing something he gave Me, it’s hidden from view. We’re having quite a fun battle of the wills. He’s swelling like a tic and being denied and I’m just kicking back and soaking it all up…all those sweet juices dripping from his gaping, panting wallet. When the cash flies out of there, it takes the form of silver swallows flitting about an ebony sky..so pretty, so glittery…such tender prey.

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