WTF ??

Can someone enlighten Me as to why the fuck another domme (and I use that term lightly) would subscribe to My youtube videos? We’re certainly not friends and I’ve made it clear as to what I think of her and what she does.  Can you block someone from doing this? ***BLOCKED, thanks!!!***
Miss Pinky who is a noob to the youtube


  1. Hmmm *thinks*
    If you made it clear to her that you don’t like her, maybe she is trying to get in good with you?
    Aside from the “not liking her” part, I can see why a Domme might subscribe to another Dommes vidz. Maybe she’s bi, or shares similar fetishes, or just likes to look at you 🙂

  2. topdawgtt

    You can go to your accounts page, click on subscribers and click on the unsubscribe icon. Or you could go to her profile page and scroll down to the contact panel and click on the block user icon. she will then be removed from your subscribers list.

    • cashslave

      You Tube Videos.
      I was about to write basically the same thing. As to why she would want to subscribe. Could be she was just interested in your Vids?
      I get asked this question by Knuckleheads who want to know why I comment on their postings when they write a public post. I simply answer them: “If you do not like the comment, then delete it”. That Delete Comment button can work wonders. I should know, I often use it.
      If you do not like persons responding to your Your YOUTUBE Videos you can also disable the comment button. To make sure they do not have the ability to copy your Vid just disable the embedding. Or just block them altogether. If you only want certain persons to view your Videos just post them as friends only.
      Have Fun.

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