you had Me at hello…


Isn’t it just so cute when a random boy IMs you on yahoo (or msn or whatever) w/nothing more than *hello*? …NOT.

Most of the Ladies I know, including Myself.. will NOT even bother to reply to such nonsense…being shy is one thing but that doesn’t excuse a sub from using proper etiquette and conversational manners.  Those who cannot be bothered to, at the very least, form a complete sentence that includes a proper address (example: Hello Miss Pinky, I saw your profile on blah blah blah site, could i have a moment of your time to chat?) will not be granted a reply. 

It’s just nonsense to think that any Domme worth her salt would even acknowledge such a pathetic attempt.  Even some of the shyest and most lamebrain subs I’ve ever met have had the common sense to know how to properly engage a woman with whom they wish to someday serve.  So, yes, boys.. do stick your *nose* out to communicate, but do it with respect.  Just saying *hello* or *hi* isn’t going to cut it…at least not in MY world… to Me, that’s the equivalent of saying "hey baby" in a singles bar.


    • misspinkygalore

      Re: what NOT to say… how about WHAT to say?
      seriously? do you need more than the example I gave? Scroll up and read it again.
      This rant was in reference to random subs that I don’t already know ~ those who just pop into My life (or attempt to) with nothing more than *hello* or *hi*.. literally.. nothing.. in the hopes that I will acknowledge and respond. If you are an mfds member, read My crosspost there and you’ll find that other dommes DO feel the same.

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