Your Disappointment IS My Reward

So, some idiot called me in the middle of the night to ask me about my Arsenic Aphrodisiac clip. He wanted to know “how it worked”… <~~~ eyeroll. I asked if he purchased the clip and of course, he said: "Well, no, I was hoping you could tell me about it...." <~~~ eyeroll. It is a $5, less than 3 minute clip, with a PREVIEW. How much effort would it have taken for him to purchase and watch the clip? MUCH less than it would take ME to explain the multi layers, etc etc, and walk him through it. I asked him WHY he expected I should do such a thing for him when HE couldn't be bothered to spend $5 ?!?!? He stuttered and stammered (mind you, we are about 1 minute IN to the call) and then I hear "One Minute Remaining" <~~~ OMFG eyeROLL!!!!! Seriously, fuckface, seriously??? I demanded to know if he had anything intelligent to tell me in his last minute and he said, "I'm gullible and rich" (yes, of course you are: eyeroll!) and cackled in his stupid face. I called him a broke loser and he whispered, "Wanna make me MORE broke?", I screamed a very hearty "fuck OFF!" into the phone and slammed it down. Ladies, clue me in... I wasn't aware it was possible to take away from zero??? He did give me a little feedback gift.. a negative, of course, but I'm taking it as a reward. hoffmanfdbk
Fuck that guy and his stupid high hopes.

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