your pipedreams are going up in smoke

dumbdumb: please Mistress im in pain
dumbdumb: i just feel so lost
dumbdumb: please Mistress help me please
dumbdumb: i need you to tell me what to do please mistress
pinky galore: $$$$$$$$$
dumbdumb: Mistress i beggin you please you
dumbdumb: i gave up everything for you Mistress
dumbdumb: wife kids family
dumbdumb: all i got is you
pinky galore: well, then I guess you’ll have to find more to give
pinky galore: sell your computer ~ you obviously have THAT
dumbdumb: yes but how can i see and contact you
pinky galore: LOL you won’t be seeing or contacting Me if you don’t send $$

dumbdumb: what do you mean Mistress
dumbdumb: please tell don’t tell me you will stop speaking to me
pinky galore: if you don’t tribute? omg are you retarded? hahahhahahahha!
dumbdumb: no Mistress please not that
dumbdumb: you killing me Mistress

pinky galore: sayonara!

and only moments later he’s begging to send


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